Your Dreams Are Your Reality
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   When I was 5 years old, I believed that anything was possible.  I believed that I could influence people's thoughts as well as the circumstances of my life. I don't recall exactly when I gained this system of beliefs and I didn't know that most of society didn't agree with my fairytale ideals. I also didn't realize that this belief system would send me on a worldwide search to understand it and my mission in life was going to be teaching others what I knew to be accurate and that these abilities were available to everybody.

The event that stands out the most for me growing up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn New York was surrounding my 96-year-old great-grandmother from Italy. Every day my grandmother and I would play cards for hours and talk. What was unusual was that my grandmother didn't speak English and I didn't speak Italian, but we understood each other correctly, only communicating with our thoughts.
Tore Roberts Kesicki

Several times a week, my grandmother had visitors from the neighborhood that she said came to her to feel better. My grandma wasn't a doctor or a professional of any kind, but she had this ability to make people feel well again. It was around this time that my real education began. One day a man came to see my grandmother who was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk very well. After a few hours with her, he couldn't thank her enough and left our home feeling great and completely pain-free.

I asked my grandmother how she healed this person so quickly. My grandmother laughed and told me she doesn't actually heal anybody, that she merely gives them the gift of "convinzione," which is the Italian word for belief. She told me that she received "The Gift" from her father, the ability to heal people. Her father was considered a "stregone," the Italian word for a warlock. My grandmother told me that her father said to her that the entire universe was made of invisible magic particles and that if you believed in anything with total trust and conviction that the mind could transform these particles into anything we desired.

My grandmother told me that everything in the universe, including our thoughts, were made of these particles and the intelligent human mind could transform these particles into anything through belief. Looking back, I realize how fortunate I was not having what would be considered a normal upbringing with the usual restrictions children face as to all the things that they can and cannot do. I grew up believing that everything and anything was possible; you might say I was like the Peter Pan of Brooklyn, NY.

I remember the first time she showed me how to roll a pencil across the table using my feelings. She explained that everything came from the same place and that everything had feelings. She told me to place my emotions, like into the pencils, like Love, Anger, Forgiveness, and then move my feelings across the table. When I look back, I realize how odd all of this must have seemed to someone looking on, but it was just how I grew up.

As I got older, I continued my metaphysical games. I loved rolling pencils off of other kids' desks, and I continued experimenting with mind play. In short, I loved knowing what people were about to say, and when things were about to happen. I still didn't understand that this was beyond the ordinary because I firmly believed that anything was possible if you put your mind to it.

When I reached my teenage years, my interests shifted slightly towards horseback riding after my parents bought a home with a barn in the back yard, but my main activity when I wasn't riding horses or in school was reading all I could about past life regression and out of body experiences. I was beyond fascinated with Einstein's theories of relativity and time.

One day after school, April 17th, 1974, I was out in the barn hooking up wires, and running lights in the horses corral, so that we could ride our horses at night when my lack of electrical experience got the better of me. I was high up on a ladder stringing wire when I grabbed the wrong end of a live wire, and 110 volts started surging through my body, down the metal ladder, and into the ground. I wasn't able to let go of the wire, and my hand firmly locked onto the ladder. I remember thinking that if the electric didn't kill me, the fall from the ladder will.

I was unable to call for help when, all of a sudden, a brilliant white and blue light appeared around me, and the last thing I remember is a voice telling me to "Go back to the house and rest." Several hours must have passed before my mom came home from work and woke me up. I must have had a strange look on my face because she asked me if I was okay. I told her what happened and she said that wasn't possible because she had had just checked on the horses and there wasn't a ladder in the corral or electrical wires anywhere around. Then she said I needed to get ready for the baseball game that my father was taking me to that evening. I looked at my mom and started to shake. I said mom, "Dad took me to the game last night, don't you remember?" The Red Sox beat the Yankees 4 to 3 and dad twisted his ankle on the stadium stairs.

Several hours later, I was back at the baseball game, and the Red Sox beat the Yankees 4 to 3, my father missed a step going down the stairs, sprained his ankle and my perception of time travel became far more than theory for me. I will never know if this was some sort of a multidimensional dream with a  case of amnesia, however, this experience was far from unique and one of the hundreds of quantum events that influenced my life.

Since that day on the ladder, I have been guided to people who exhibit extraordinary abilities and push the limits of human capabilities. I spent the next 20 years reading hundreds of books and spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, and the one thing that I can tell you is that regardless of what you're told unless you genuinely believe it's true, the thought behind the thoughts is really driving what you believe in.

Many books have been written since that time like the Law of Attraction and The Secret. Quantum physicists have proven through string theory that alternate realities really exist and I have to agree because trans-dimensional travel has been a consistent part of my research.  I believe that moving beyond the boundaries of the 3rd dimension and human consciousness merging with universal Intelligence will be the part of mankind's next evolution.

 During the past few years, my research and all of my attention have been on teaching people what humans are capable of when they understand that there are no limitations with the exception of the mind.  I've been witness to hundreds of events that people would consider miracles, I know what we are capable of when we believe.  I owe most of my early teachings of my 96-year-old grandmother.

Tore Roberts Kesicki
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